FFXIV – Noob Crafting Guide

Currently, none of my characters is above level 40 on any crafting profession, but I have figured out a way to get a lot of HQs at low-level.

I stumbled on to a method where, depending on your luck, you can get at least one other round of CP to fuel more casts of Manipulation if you use zero-cost skills combined with CP-restoring abilities like Tricks of the Trade and Rumination.  Even if you don’t end up with an HQ item, the additional steps used in your crafting sequence will boost the experience it gives you exponentially, putting you further ahead regardless.

Here’s my rotation!

1st round

Inner Quiet -> Tricks of the Trade* -> Steady Hand -> Tricks of the Trade* -> (Hasty Touch -> Tricks of the Trade*) until durability reaches 10 -> Manipulation

*Tricks of the Trade will only proc on Good or Excellent item conditions.

2nd round

Use Careful Synthesis to get your item progress so that one final Careful Synthesis will finish it, then repeat 1st round rotation.  Being responsible about this means that you’re never sweating to hopefully finish your item.  Since your progress strength can change per item, it’s easy to lose track of your exact DPS, so taking a round to pre-load progress is useful.

3rd+ rounds

Repeat until HQ% chance reaches 100 or you run out of CP , then Careful Synthesis in the last step.

The Skillz

TL;DR, get to level 15 at the following classes to unlock their first Additional Abilities:

  1. ALC – Tricks of the Trade
  2. CUL – Hasty Touch
  3. WVR – Careful Synthesis

1 – CP Restore – Tricks of the Trade (Alchemist) & Rumination (Carpenter)

This whole method hinges off of having at least one CP-restoring ability, and the one most easily accessed is Tricks of the Trade. Unlocked at Level 15 ALC, this procs whenever your item condition is Good or Excellent regardless of whichever other skills you’re working with. It only restores 20 CP, but if you’re combining it with the skills below and your luck is good, you can spiral it upward and regain CP as long as it procs.

You get Rumination at Lv 15 Carpenter, but that will sacrifice your stack of Inner Quiet, which I usually don’t want to do.  If you have a max stack and your HQ% is already there and you need the CP, it will be useful, though.

2 – Zero Point HQ Progression – Hasty Touch – (Culinarian)

Hasty Touch’s success rate is terrible, but the important part is that it doesn’t use CP at all, and you can bump it up to Basic Touch’s success rate with Steady Hand quite easily.

Hasty Touch is unlocked at Level 15 Culinarian. CUL, yeah, groan, but if you have any EXP bonus gear from special edition packages or the Refer a Friend deal, you will get to 15 in no time.  If you hate-hate-hate-hate-hate CUL, grab and only do recipes that use ingredients that you can get from an easily accessible vendor.  The vendor in the Guild building is fine, but if you’re starting in your FC house, the Ingredient Vendor there is slightly better since it has a bigger variety.  Don’t spend more than you have to on ingredients.  Just plug away until you get Hasty Touch and be on your merry-ass way.

TL;DR, Steady Hand + Hasty Touch = as good as Basic Touch, but at 0 cost, that means 54 CP saved per 40-durability craft

2 – Careful Synthesis – (Weaver)

The other need-to-have for my method.  Since this method is all about saving CP, a 0-point, 100% accuracy progress skill is key.  As with CUL, WVR can be easily gotten to 15 if you’re doing a bunch of vendor-available crafts at low level over and over.

Okay, so at this point, you can just switch to whatever other crafting class you want and use Steady Hand